“Left Hand Pass”

by Thor

Their sticky shtick aside (or maybe because of it?) Cannabis Corpse play some of the most appealing death metal out there and their newest offering – “Left Hand Pass” – is proof positive that no matter what you think about the band’s theme, they have much more to offer than mere pot puns.

“Left Hand Pass” is a ten-song slab of old school death metal done exceptionally well, with modern production values showcasing high-level song writing.  While the album is as sophisticated as it gets, sonically speaking—in short, it sounds hella-good—the quality mix delivers well-conceived songs that are mostly mid-tempo assaults of pummeling dual-guitar riffage and heavy, tasteful drumming buttressing an articulate-yet-guttural vocal attack.  It’s heavy, catchy, and compelling.

The lyrics, as expected, riff on several topics by way of crosspollinating classic death metal tropes with pot puns.  Songs titles such as “In Dank Purity,” “The Final Exhalation,” and “Effigy of the Forgetful” are hysterical and perfectly represent this band’s approach to the genre.

It’s almost a shame that these guys do satire, as amusing and clever as it is, because they are a fucking fantastic band.  They get nowhere near the credit they deserve because they’re often reduced to a complex joke, outright, fair or not.

All joking aside, “Left Hand Pass” is one of the best releases this year.  Moreover, even during an unusually good year for extreme music, this album is a jar of plump, stinky, crystalized buds in a field of ditch weed.  Go get it!