"From Wisdom To Baked"

By Dr. Abner Mality

I gotta admit, I like a laugh with my death metal now and then. The genre is ripe for parody and some pot shots. Pot shots...oh my, I've made a funny! And that fits perfectly with Cannabis Corpse. Half the fun of these weed-obsessed whacko's records comes from the goofy song titles and the THC-soaked lyrics, all delivered as straight-faced as an anchorman.

Their inventiveness never flags. This time, we've got songs titles like "Baptized in Bud", "Individual Pot Patterns" and my personal favorite, "Pull The Carb". Whereas Cannabis Corpse's music is more obviously influenced by Cannibal Corpse and old Morbid Angel, the lyrics and titles owe a lot more to Death...just about all of them come from Chuck Schuldiner's old band. Althought I did get a laugh out of "Considered Dank", which is a nod to Gorguts. If any long time death metal fan with the slightest knowledge of pot culture can't get a laugh out of this, go back to listening to Striborg 12 inchers in Mom's basement.

And the music? It's not bad! Not really anything that will blow you away or make you forget  the bands Cannabis Corpse is influenced by, but more than serviceable. Tracks range from average stuff like "Baptized in Bud" and "Zero Weed Tolerance" to some pretty strong and even technical numbers like "Individual Pot Patterns" and the quite progressive "THC Crystal Mountain", which goes for the same kind of sound Death had on their later albums. It's all delivered with a dry 90's production and no real indication that the songs are humorous...which therefore makes them even more funny.

I think the next album might just be called "Stembolic"...