“House of Doom” EP

By Dr. Abner Mality

So much for Candlemass’ retirement  The doom legends return with new vocalist Mats Leven  and a 4 song EP that delivers everything fans could want. In fact, “House of Doom” is more Candlemass than Candlemass…

The title track hits hard to open the affair and it’s clear this is the more aggressive  and pacier side of the band. Mats fits the band to a T and in the promo pic he looks like Rasputin’s little brother. “Flowers of Deception” mixes the driving aspect of Candlemass with the epic doom they’ve hung their hats on for decades. “Fortune Teller” is a short acoustic tune with Leven showing a much lower vocal register. This is a nice gloomy little tune that leads into the instrumental “Dolls On A Wall”, which is the heaviest thing here but still very much traditional Candlemass.

I don’t know if this is a taster for a forthcoming album, but if it is, longtime fans don’t need to worry about these guys rocking the boat.