By Dark Starr

In some ways, this reminds me a lot of Tool. Mind you, that is only really a major reference on one song, but the overall feel of creative, heavy rock fits all four of the songs here. Yet, each track is quite different from the others. Opening track "Demons" hits hard with strong percussion and morphs into something that seems classic and modern at the same time. The vocals here are excellent and that's a trait that is sustained throughout. In contrast to the title track, "Sleeping Awake" could almost be from a different band. This is a beautifully melodic cut with a mystical feel and a lot of emotion. The other two songs "Cutter" and "Lifeless" are also powerful and distinct.

 This set is quite cool and I’d love to hear more from these guys. There is some heavy duty potential here and while the Tool comparison is there, it is in no way overwhelming or compromising Candlelight Red's own sound.