"Fading Reliefs"

By Dr. Abner Mality

A little bit of Egypt has landed in Poland. Calm Hatchery is the latest metal band to take their influence from the Land of the Pharoahs, at least on "Fading Reliefs". While I wouldn't put this effort quite at the level of a Nile or Melechesh, it is not a bad offering to the Gods of Old.

These guys have matured a lot since their previous album. They've slowed things down some and developed the knack of knowing when to hold back. It's not a pure avalanche of Morbid Angel riffery like before. There's atmosphere and taste and structure. Rather like the architecture of the ancient Egyptians themselves. Those Egyptian leanings are glaringly obvious right from the start with "Sun of God" but I've always been a sucker for songs like this and the Middle Eastern/Arabic rffs here are excellent. Many of the following tunes follow suit, especially "Flaming Prophecies" and "Awakening the State of Bodhi". It seems like Calm Hatchery have gotten all spiritual on us. That's what makes "Bomben Uber Warschau" and its odd Polish reprise "Bomby Nad Warszawa" stick out so much. Short, barbaric death metal tracks, they seem to belong to an older and less mature band.

The production on this is not really what it should be but Calm Hatchery have moved stepping into the past.