“Dragged Down a Dead End Path”

 By Derelikt Waugh

 Alright, so what we have here is some metallic hardcore mixed with a bit o’ sludge and a hefty dose of grinding powerviolence. Throw all these subgenres together, and it sounds a bit silly, doesn’t it? I mean, on paper…that just sounds retarded. If you’re familiar with these terms though, you’re probably thinking, “Oh fuck me. Not another pseudo-hardcore band that pretends to like old Napalm Death albums to up their street cred”. Well, worry on neither front. Colorado’s Call of the Void is not silly, nor are they a band of knuckle dragging clones with nothing of import to scream about. While Call of the Void openly (and LOUDLY) pays tribute to the grind/hardcore of old (Doom, Extreme Noise Terror, etc.), there are some newer elements (Converge, Pig Destroyer and maybe a little Unsane) thrown into the volatile mix that add some extra damaging kick.

 So, “Dragged Down a Dead End Path” probably isn’t gonna win many points for originality, but it more than makes up for it by consistently kicking your ass over the course of ten extremely pissed off tracks of pure metal/punk rage. The production on this album really nails it too. Rough and ragged around the edges, but not overly muddled to the point of being an unlistenable, murky mess. Overall, “Dragged Down a Dead End Path” is a rewarding listen. It doesn’t present us with too many over-dramatic challenges, but it’s not a coma fest either. Short, bitter, and very much to the jagged point, “Dragged…” is most certainly worth a spin or three and I highly recommend it for anyone who thinks they might like to hear Slapshot with a hint of old Neurosis/Integrity. Good stuff!