“Edder and Bile”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Norwegian death metal act CADAVER has had a pretty odd off and on career over the decades, but it sure seems to be in the “on” phase with “Edder and Bile”. “Morgue Ritual” starts with a god-awful retching sound and then opens with a cyclone blast of pure death metal speed. CADAVER doesn’t have the chunky Swedish chainsaw sound that you might think, but prefers something more along the lines of bands like DERANGED and SEVERE TORTURE.

“Circle of Morbidity” dials down the speed a bit and tosses in some guest growls from POSSESSED’s Jeff Bercerra.  No less than Kam Lee lends his putrid corpse vocals to “Feed The Pigs”. CADAVER isn’t much for any kind of nuance, preferring a relentless piledriver to the skull on cuts like “The Pestilence” and “Reborn”. It’s worth mentioning that the bass is actually a standup jazz model, not the usual guitar style bass. I’m hard pressed to hear the difference here.

Only on last track “Let Me Burn” does the pace let up to a medium lope...I would have put this one in the middle of the album instead of the end. I can’t say CADAVER are the most memorable death metal band I’ve heard, but their desire to kill can’t be argued here. This is a fast, flesh-flaying piece of corrosive extremity.