By Dr. Abner Mality

I haven’t been too impressed with most of the newer bands Nuclear Blast has signed, but I think they’re onto something here with Burning Witches. These 5 Swiss ladies have a knack for power metal with a dark edge.

If you ever wondered what Doro would sound like if she dropped the sappy ballads and singalongs and went for balls out metal, Burning Witches is the answer. The singer Sereina has got one awesome pair of lungs and jumps immediately to the front of the line of female metal singers. Ballsy screams and a great sense of drama and it doesn’t hurt that she’s one hot kitty as well. The songs here are well produced and run the gamut from the thrash-flavored “Possession” to the rather epic title track with tons of twin guitar harmony to “Maneater”, which even has a bit of death metal feel to the riffing. Even the ballad “Don’t Cry My Tears” isn’t bad and sounds similar in tone to something Metallica might do.

Most tracks have the feel of heavier Doro or recent Accept material, but the killer female vocals give it a different flavor. This is not the fruity kind of power metal with keys and sugary choruses, but the kind fit to hunt witches by. Speaking of which, the cover art here is also awesome.

I can only see this band getting better with time so grab hold of “Hexenhammer” and prepare to burn!