“Embodiment of the Divine”

By Dr. Abner Mality

BURIED REALM is a one man melodic death outfit headed up by Canadian Josh Dummer. BURIED REALM has a lot more “metal” sound than just JOSH DUMMER would. Josh is awfully busy here...he did literally everything, including all instruments, vocals, production and mixing. Mastering was done by no less than Dan Swano and that does get my attention. It means I don’t have to worry about a cheap sounding release.

Josh does have a buttload of guests chipping in here, including members of MORS PRINCIPUM EST, SCAR SYMMETRY and BORN OF OSIRIS. The result is rather mixed, including riffs and solos that will take your breath away, but also very cookie cutter moments as well. The first two tracks, “The Burning Remnants” and “Overlord” are the best. Man, this cat can shred. Melodic tech-death is not my usual cup of tea, but there are arpeggios, sweeps and riffs here that will blow your mind. The press sheet brings up CHILDREN OF BODOM as a comparison, but have no fear, this is way heavier and more deathly than that poppy stuff. Josh’s vocal range is impressive, but its his guttural death vocals that stand out. They are REALLY deep! The more raspy black-ish vocals are good, but pretty typical of the genre. What really flattens the album are the clean vocals. They are not technically bad, but whenever they pop up, things get very saccharine and radio friendly. That is not where BURIED REALM should be operating.

The rest of the album is up and down. The drums sound triggered as hell, as they do on every single melo-death album I have ever heard. “Silver Tongue” and “In The Shallow Light” are very “typical” sounding and don’t register much despite being well played.  The title track and the epic length “Infinite Mutation” show more promise, especially the latter, which has some awesome prog metal maneuvers.

If you’re a fan of SCAR SYMMETRY or INTO ETERNITY, add some points to BURIED REALM. This is a good album, but can be better yet.