“Oculus Rot”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Tried hard to get into this slab of brutal death metal but in the end, it proved to be just too mind-numbing and monotonous. Rising from the ashes of long-time Dutch DM crew PYAEMIA, these guys are good in small doses...devastating, even...but as with most ultra-brutal stuff, it just cannot sustain itself over the course of a full album.

This is slamming death with a lot of piston-like, choppy riffs that come at you in cyclone-like waves. On their shorter tracks, they almost remind of me of a more brutal version of long gone thrashers DEFLESHED mixed with DEVOURMENT. Now and then, more “normal” death metal riffs pop up, like on “Tornado of Blood”, if that makes any sense. But usually its a non-stop assault of choppy slam.

Shorter cuts work better for BURIED. On 4 minute plus stuff like “Buried” and “Paradise”, your eyes glaze over with the corpse like pallor of death. Dull stuff, but nowhere more dull than final cut “Tenebrous Worm”. A few short sharp shocks of this stuff can jolt you like hot wasabi...a full album including overlong tracks is more like mushed peas.