By Dr. Abner Mality

Man, this one is tough for me to review. Hailing from Turkey, Burial Invocation are no slouches when it comes to subterranean death metal. A deal with the excellent Dark Descent label proves that. But there were times this release left me flat.

The band play long and intricate death metal epics that sound like mid-period Morbid Angel mixed with prime Incantation. It comes across as quite advanced yet bestial, never betraying its extreme underground roots. The record is basically four long songs and one short, atmospheric outro. The Burial Invocation guys are all top players and the record never falls into the "Gee, they're good for guys from Turkey" trap. They are good PERIOD. Tons of time changes and melodic, James Murphy-like solos in each song. The range here goes all the way from quite progressive to utterly blasting primitvism. There's a certain type of listener that will willingly get lost in these songs.

Alas, that listener is not me. Despite some great riffs and solos, there were quite a few spots that came across flat and uneventful for me. Long stretches of the title track just don't get the juices flowing, in particular. Part of the problem is the oh so typical mushy vocal roars. They tend to flatten everything out.There are parts of the songs that are exciting and visceral, but others that just go through the motions. Yet the talent is so strong, I might just chalk this up to personal taste.

Burial Invocation is a serious and talented band. Nevertheless, I'm not totally convinced...