"Dust To Gold"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Who could hate a band like Bullet? I'm speaking of metal fans now, not the idiots into mumble rap and bro-country. These guys are so dependable and faithful to their sound, a devoted collie dog couldn't even measure up. It doesn't matter that they've been mining the same motherlode of AC/DC meets Accept riffs for decades now because nothing else would sound right coming from Bullet. After wandering in the wilderness for a few years, the band has landed on SPV now and should be able to reach metal fans all over the world.

"Dust To Gold" doesn't rock the Bullet boat, but there is definitely more melodic guitar work and even something of an epic feel here. The title track itself is the longest Bullet track I've ever heard and see the band sustaining crunchy mid-paced metal riffs and twin guitar goodness for longer than they ever have. "Screams In The Night" and "Hollow Ground" are two of the fastest and most overtly "metal" songs Bullet has ever done, even more aggressive than opening cut "Speed  And Attack", which despite its name is not really that fast. There's an uplifting feel to "Wildfire" and "Forever Rise" that is just slightly different to past Bullet escapades....emphasis on "slightly".

Hell Hofer is his usual raw voiced self here and expect no syrupy ballads or AOR. "Ain't Enough" and "Highway Love" show the guys can still do pure AC/DC influenced biker rock with the best of them. There's a warm and fuzzy cloud that hovers over the entirety of "Dust To Gold". Bullet has mined their own past more than any band has a right to, yet their sound is never stale or played out. That's the magic of this band. Pick this up and sample it yourself.