"Storm of Blades"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Last Bullet album "Full Pull" was on Nuclear Blast. "Storm of Blades" is now offered through the much smaller Metalville label. Wonder what happened there? It sure wasn't any noticeable change in musical direction. If you were waiting for Bullet to turn into a metalcore or trendy sludge band, you'll have to wait a while longer.

There is a slight change in emphasis here, but VERY slight. No fan of previous Bullet material will be disappointed. Hell Hofer still sounds like Brian Johnson, the band's AC/DC roots are still as obvious as the silicon in Kim Kardashian's tits and the focus is on straightforward basic headbanging metal. This time, though, I think the songs are a little faster, a little more "metal" and less "rock and roll", and the influence from old Accept is more noticeable. More twin guitar work and melody is included with the faster pace. But AC/DC is still the primary inspiration.

You just can't go wrong with this band for music to accompany bombing down the highway with a beer in hand and a floozy grabbing your midsection. The title track shows the speedier direction, but next cut "Ridin' High" seems like an out-take from "Breaker" with its peppy little guitar hooks. The last four tracks "It's On", "Crossfire", "Run With the Hunted" and "Coming In Loud" are perfect metal tunes. "Run With the Hunted" might just be the most neck-snapping Bullet tune ever.

The label changes, but the sound doesn't. Reach for Bullet when you're out for hard partying no-brainer metal!