"Full Pull"

By Dr. Abner Mality

I smell oil and diesel in the air, taste dust and gravel on my tongue. Time to fire up that iron horse of mine and let it run wild across the open road. You can't beat the feeling of wind in your hair and horsepower throbbing beneath you. That kind of moment calls for the right music to lift your spirits even higher. That's when I reach for a band like Bullet.

This is black leather bike-riding heavy metal rock n' roll, no two ways about it. Sure, it sounds like Brian Johnson era AC/DC's little cousin, but so what? There's not a lot coming from the Aussies these days so Bullet fills a welcome gap. Plus, if you listen to "Full Pull" real close, you'll hear more than just bald-faced "Back In Black" worship, you'll pick up traces of German metal and even some NWOBHM melody. It's simple riff-rocking with a dirty sound. With first song "Midnight Oil", you might be put off by how much Hell Hofer sounds like Brian Johnson and how familiar the music is.  With the energetic attack of the title track, doubts start to vanish. And when "Running Away" kicks in with its peppy and ultra-catchy riffs, you've pretty much said, fuck it, this rocks like hell!

And so it does. It's a very energetic and likable album, surprisingly well produced by Swedish death metal veterans Fred Estby and Nicke Andersson. "In The Heat", "Rush Hour" and "Free Riding" are all crunchy biker metal anthems with Bullet's trademark AC/DC meets Accept sound. A couple of tracks such as "Rolling Home" (at 6 minutes plus, an epic for these guys) and "Warriors" hint at something more epic and more melodic than Angus and Company could attempt, with some strong twin guitar harmonies. But it never pretends to be anything more than what it is, which is music fit to blast down the desert highway to, doing 80 mph plus.

Bullet was a surprising pick for Nuclear Blast and a very wise one. With "Full Pull" blowing out your speakers, you may never feel like getting off that hog.