"Unexpected Fate" (Special Edition)

By Dr. Abner Mality

Good thrash metal is timeless and eternal. Bulldozer proves that in spades with "Unexpected Fate". The long-time Italian wackos, who I first experienced about 25 years ago with their classic "Day of Wrath", have never stopped their assault on mankind, despite untimely death in their ranks, stints in the army and all sorts of other calamities. "Unexpected Fate" is actually a couple of years old, but now available widely in the U.S. for the first time in this special edition containing four live tracks.

I don't think there's a thrasher anywhere who could resist this record. The ten original tracks are whiplash-inducing ass-kicking machines with no let up...even the atmospheric instrumental "The Prediction" unloads some mean guitar licks. And the quality of Andy Panigada's guitar solos is outstanding throughout the record. There's a really insane one during the neck-wrecking speed attack of the title track and some very strong, almost neo-classical stuff on "Buried Alive By Trash" and "In The Name". The riffs on songs like "Aces of Blasphemy", "Bastards" and "Use Your Brain" are irresistably catchy and fierce...they're everything the thrash genre is about!!! I like the rough and raspy vocals of A.C. Wild, too...the Italian Lemmy, although he has a different timber and approach to his voice.

"Unexpected Fate" is such thrashy fun that minor hiccups like the awful "whoa-whoa" vocals on "Aces of Blasphemy" can be forgiven. Bulldozer get it done on the four live tracks as well, sounding fresh and powerful, atlhought I'm not sure why a live version of "Micro V.I.P." was included.

This is a great introduction to Bulldozer and a welcome addition to the seasoned thrash fan's collection.