"Skinless Agony"

By Dr. Abner Mality

This is definitely the first time a band from Tunisia has been reviewed at Wormwood Chronicles. I hope it isn't the last! These grim and stern-faced Middle Easterners have brought forth a rather surprising example of the extreme arts.

With a name like Brood of Hatred and an album title like "Skinless Agony", I thought for sure this was going to be some kind of a goregrind album. It's actually anything but. Brood of Hatred prefers a colder, more cerebral form of death metal. This is not just another run-through of Swedish or American DM sounds. It's a bit harder to put a finger on. Speed appears but isn't the main motivating factor. It's got an industrialized feel to it. and some rather Gothic melody at times. Think of a collision between Fear Factory, Suffocation and Opeth, if you can. It's an interesting approach!

Unfortunately, the album suffers from production problems, which should be no surprise considering the point of origin. It has got maybe the worst "typewriter drum" sound I've heard since Master's "On The Seventh Day" and that seriously hampers my enjoyment. On faster tracks like "Technological Genocide", it is almost unbearable. But fortunately for Brood of Hatred, the class in the actual songs overcomes this. In fact, there's a kind of sparse sound that makes the material quite eerie.

This is something for lovers of thoughtful death metal to seek out. Check out the band's website and also the Crime Records site to find out how to order and support the rising Middle Eastern metal scene!