"Singularity To Extinction"

By Dr. Abner Mality

This is about as ugly, rude and crude an album as I've heard this year. Brainoil is quite a mysterious bunch, who have been part of the crusty California underground for a very long time but who only rise from the depths on rare occasions, like a deep-diving whale that can hold its breath for a long time. "Singularity To Extinction" is a simple album, simply played and simply massive. This morose trio delivers sludge so nasty and virulent that it crosses over with death metal.This album is almost criminally clipped, but its preferable to other sludge bands who drag out their dirges to unlistenable lengths (Primitive Man, anybody?). This slaps you across the face with brass knuckles and runs down the alley laughing maniacally.

Although sludge is the preferred description of Brainoil's music, that doesn't mean the pace is always slow or lacking aggression. On the contrary, cuts like "Preface To Madness" and the title track surge with rabid intensity. But it is definitely not thrash or blazing death metal. The guitar sounds absolutely lives up to the overused adjective BRUTAL. It is raw and ultra-heavy and sure to cave your head in. The longest track "The Spectre's Vile Hand" is just over the five minute mark and is oozing mid-paced pain. The vocals match the music...savage growls and glum grumbles like an unhappy giant.

I only wish that Brainoil put out more product, but perhaps that, too, is for the best. Being constantly saturated with this sort of attack would sure wear you out. One of 2018's heaviest, that's for sure.