"Death Of This Dry Season"

By Dr. Abner Mality

This sucker is proof positive you don't have to be a beacon of originality to rock like hell. Brainoil is pure, punishing sludge that will drown you in thick, magma-like riffs while kicking your ass with intense fury. The band hails from Oakland, California, which probably explains a lot of their bad attitude, and have been around quite a while. "Death of This Dry Season" is their second album following a long gap since their debut.

The thing that grabbed me about this record is its energy. This is not really slow and gooey sludge all the way through but is actually pretty fast and angry, with a lot of hardcore feeling. Almost every track features speed and with "Feet Cling To The Rotting Soil" and "To Bury The Pages of Existence", Brainoil almost seems more grind than sludge. Here let me praise the perfect sound of the album...the guitars buzz and growl with true sludge tones, yet are also clear and allow the bass and drum to kick in. Although the speed is ever-present, many tunes drop to juicy slower riffs and on occasion, you can hear some of that good ol' "swamp metal" influence. Brainoil is not as Southern influenced as a lot of sludge but the taste of old Dixie is still there.

Many, many bands are performing this kind of angry, turgid music these days and I can't give Brainoil any points for breaking the mold. But the authentic piss and vinegar of "Death of This Dry Season" can't be reasoned, argued with or bought off. Brainoil WILL kick your ass, you better believe it.