By Rusty Coffinnails

It has been so long since something came out of Washington DC that did not insult my intelligence and piss me off that I had  given up on any hopes of that place being nothing more than a breeding ground for liars and thieves.

Today my hopes were restored by none other than DC's Borracho.

Borracho hit the stoner fuzzed out rock scene in 2011 with their first album called "Splitting Sky" that earned the band a reputation as serious "riff-slingers".Borracho's style is fuzzed down stoner rock with plenty of riffs, smooth vocals and a catchy beat. "Oculus"'s first track called "Empty",starts with about 5 minutes of instrumental bliss with fuzzy riffs,  solos and chest pounding drums. When the lyrics kick in, it just flows and works.

Bprracho's name meaning "drunk" in Spanish seems to be a bit misleading as it comes across as more of an album to ponder about rather than get drunk to. It is a fun album to just blast the shit out of and let it take you away as it tells a story of being wronged and the revenge that follows.

The 3rd track called "Stockpile" is where this band comes alive with a heavy hypnotic beat and enough riffs to satisfy about anyone. This close to 11 minute song will have you in it's grasp and rock you till the very end.Now on the other hand the song called "Eye" that comes next had me a bit puzzled, it is 2 minute of noise feedback and echos that I am still trying to figure out the significance of. I am reasonably sure it has a reason but as for what it is I don't know.

All things considered , this is a strong album that I will be happy to make space for in my collection .