"The Healing Powers of Hate"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Montreal, Quebec is quite the metal mecca. The frosty metropolis is well known as the home of a huge tech-death scene, but in recent years, it's also given rise to black metal and a stoner/doom underground. Well, now, Montreal shows that it can also do mindlessly aggressive, generic "bro-metal".

This is so cliched, it causes physical pain. All the juvenile rage of guys stuck in dead end jobs and bad relationships gets channelled into a derivative mass of riffs lifted from Lamb of God, Hatebreed, Machine Head, Sworn Enemy, etc, etc. These guys are full of HATE and want you to know it...just like a million other bands. The monotonous Max Cavalera/Randy Blythe vocalist bellows lyrics we've all heard before....stuff like "hear my cries of rage" and "I will never break". Oh yeah, and every third word seems to be "motherfucker". Yeah, I get it.

Even this well-worn material would work if there was just an ounce of personality put into it. But it's not there. The musicianship is no more than necessary to play the tunes and doesn't achieve any more than the average, Guitar soloing is not much more than I'd hear on a Friday night in a sports bar in my hometown. But worst of all has to be those spoken word bits. Those make me want to kill somebody, but not in the way Bornbroken intended.

Quebec has much more to offer the metal world than this overbaked tripe.