"Sons of Sleaze"

By Dr. Abner Mality

I've been waiting for this! As a worshipper of Chicago's late lamented Usurper and nasty Chicago metal in general, Bones, a band containing 3 ex-Usurpers, is a no-brainer. Previously this year we got the excellent release from Scythe and now the other shoe drops. Now how can I hate any album entitled "Sons of Sleaze"? Especially one with an awesomely gross cover from Putrid Matt?

There's no way I'm gonna and "Sons of Sleaze" is a wonderfully repulsive follow-up to Bones' debut. The press sheet speaks of a more noticeable rock n roll influence and yes, it is here, but it is so covered in slimy mucus and death metal bile that it send regular rockers reeling for the toilet. The guitar sound of Carcass Chris is SICK! Of course, you're gonna hear traces of Usurper here...honestly, more than a trace...but this time there's a lot of early Venom, Motorhead and even stuff like Zeke slipping in there as well. A song will start with a furious blast of head-crushing rot but then settle into a raw rocking groove. The guitar soloing lights the same kind of torch that Fast Eddie Clarke used to and some of Chris' best ever solos are here. Jon Necromancer's roars are just absolutely vile and on 'Frozen Vein" he uncorks a scream that will make you shit your pants.

Some cuts like "Cold Knife" and "Suicide" tend a bit more towards death n' roll while others like "Bad Signs" and "Mindfucked" are unholy pure death...indeed, the latter song is among the noisiest these guys have ever done in ANY band they've been associated with. To top it all off, we've got a cover of Terrorizer's "Fear of Napalm" for a pinch of grind.

Wow, man, you like Venom, Celtic Frost, Usurper, Motorhead, crustpunk and filthrock, Bones needs to be at the top of your "want" list. Essential Chicago sleaze!