"Alone In the Grave"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Fans of filth like Autopsy, Repulsion and early Death, meet your new favorite band! Hailing from the moss-encrusted forests of Washington state, Bone Sickness has magically managed to embody the crude and brilliant degeneracy of ancient death metal on "Alone In The Grave"

I guess we'll call this an EP, since it comes in at 18 minutes long, which is about the length of one doom metal song. I would not pay full LP price despite the fact it kicks massive amounts of ass for every second of its length. These guys really do sound like they've been hiding in a vault since 1992. The sick and ravaging grind of "Submit To Decay" will bring evil elation to anybody who enjoyed the likes of Repulsion, Slaughter and Righteous Pigs. The production is incredibly warped and can almost hear the tape hiss!!! The assault continues with the sick but catchy "Strange Obsession" and atomic blast of "Paranoid Delusions". "Scraping the Bones" brings a real Autopsy kind of semi-punk feel, which intensifies with the title track, where doomy dragging mixes with nuclear grind! "Death And Dismemberment" and "Tied To The Stake" bring this frenzied goblet of gore to a satisfying no-compromise conclusion.

Bone Sickness really does evoke the feeling of old death metal, with traces of thrash, doom and punk injected. It is rawer than a bleeding chunk of meat freshly hacked from a carcass and I mean that in the best way. Just a shame they couldn't have stuck a couple more tunes on here...