By Dr. Abner Mality

Here’s an exciting new act that is really able to put all the grim magic and bloody warfare of the Viking age to music in a brutal new way. Blot & Bod are a Scandinavian 3 piece who draw on the primal power of Celtic Frost, Khold and Darkthrone and come up with something that is uniquely their own.

The trio take inspiration from Hellhammer/Celtic Frost’s gooey, bass-drenched riffing without being a bald faced ripoff as so many bands do. The songs are heavier than lead and super easy to get into. The enigmatic black metal band Khold is also an influence on Blot & Bod, as there’s an obscure cold and “Norse” feeling to their music that Khold also possessed. But again, the sound is transformed into Blot & Bod’s own. Hoarse shouts and bellows in the Norse language permeate these war-like songs and the band occasionally really hit the gas hard like on “Blodstenkle Fjor” though most songs are brutishly mid-paced.  There is a palpable energy and feeling of Viking might and fury here. I have the impression that the warriors of old would much rather have Blot & Bod as the soundtrack to their battles than anything by Amon Amarth.

I will leave you to discover the power of each separate song yourself. “Ligaeder” is a record that needs discovery!