"Songs of Unspeakable Terror"

By Dr. Abner Mality

You never know exactly what you're going to get from this ghoulish husband and wife combo. Past records have ranged from almost outright Gothic rock to lumbering doom metal to something resembling ROB ZOMBIE. Mr. Manga and his cadaverous yet hot wife Devallia bear more than a passing resemblance to ROB and his sweetie as well. What kind of sound does "Songs of Unspeakable Terror" bring us?

It looks like the recent lockdown has sent BLOODY HAMMERS to their old MISFITS records, as this album is clearly a tribute to the horror punk maestros. It's a comfortable fit for them, as the album is highly listenable and flies by like a bat on the wing. "A Night To Dismember" is about as sharp a MISFITS knock off as you will hear with a ultra-catchy singalong chorus and snappy pace. Manga's voice is extremely smooth and radio ready, so those expecting death growls or black metal rasps are bound to be disappointed. They keep the guitar sound thick and heavy throughout..."Hands of the Ripper" could almost be an ELECTRIC WIZARD song and the likes of "Witchfinder General" and "Not of This Earth" are really thick and meaty. But the main emphasis is on MISFITS-flavored tunes like "The Ones Who Own the Dark" and "The Brain That Wouldn't Die". One odd exception is the ethereal sounding ballad "Lucifer's Light", where the Gothic overtones rule.

As you can tell, BLOODY HAMMERS is big into the semi-kitschy classic horror and sci-fi vibe, which is right in the Good Doctor's wheelhouse. The contributions of Devallia are so subtle as to be almost undetectable, which makes this different from other BH offerings. I found this to be a fun and painless ride through a carnival funhouse of musical horror.