BLOODTRUTH "Obedience"


By Dr. Abner Mality

Italy is not thought of as a hotbed of brutal death metal, but here are a couple of acts who might just turn that assumption on its head. Both are out on Unique Leader, which is a label which seems to be on the rise.

Bloodtruth is the more typical Unique Leader outfit. I'm glad these guys just go for the jugular without some of the prog or space-rock leanings that other recent labelmates have tried to incorporate. They do toss in some Gregorian chants in Latin, but these actually fit pretty well and don't intrude on the metal itself. The band has a decent sound and you can wreck your necks to "Quench The Thirst" and "March of the Fools", but, as is the case with so many "brutal" death releases, you won't remember much of this five minutes after it leaves the stereo. Bloodtruth has the ferocity but they lack that hard to define quality known as "character".

That is something that Hideous Divinity has in abundance. These guys don't play around and "Cobra Verde" (inspired by a Werner Herzog film) is absolutely blistering throughout its length. Somehow this band shreds at light speed yet has a feeling of personality that many similar acts lack. Their skill levels are off the chart here and if you're into technical brutality, every cut here will bring you to frenzied ecstasy. "Sinister and Demented" sounds not only like a musical description, but the results of a personality test! Apparently some of these guys used to play in Hour of Penance and it shows. If you like that band, as well as Nile, Hate Eternal and Suffocation, "Cobra Verde" is a must.

Sounds like Bloodtruth is the alpha but Hideous Divinity is the omega!