"Murder The World"

By Dr. Abner Mality

I never knew Belgium was as tough a hood as Chicago's South Side and the Bronx, but judging by Bloodshot, it must be true. From the bad-ass streets of Brussels come these angry mothers, just itching to put a cap in yo ass and belt the smile off your face with brutal hardcore metal.

If it's ultra-pissed Neanderthal hardcore you seek, look no further. These guys aren't out to dazzle with a lot of flash and bullshit, but rather beat you into a pulp in the style of Hatebreed, Blood To Blood and other such apes. The riffs are thick and fat and hate rolls off the songs in a wave. No, it's not original, but Bloodshot do just enough to avoid being pure clones. A real strong weapon in their arsenal is the uniquely misanthropic lead vocals. Really raw and acidic, they manage to sound quite different from most guys in this territory, but the absolute conviction is there. When this guy says to get the fuck out of the way (which is very frequently), you believe him. Yeah, there's also plenty of shouted gang vocals, which I get tired of, but Bloodshot keeps the pace high and thrashy on uplifting cuts like "Blood Harvest", "Dawn of Damnation" and "623", which is better than relying on meathead breakdowns alone. Although you get a lot of those as well. Adding to the evil brutality of "Murder The World" is the fact that it's a concept album revolving around the "Nightstalker" Richard Ramirez.

As pretty as a short bus crashing head on into a concrete bridge abutment, Bloodshot dare you to question their brutality. I'm not gonna do it...they're from Belgium, you know!