“The Aristocracy of Twilight”

By Dr. Abner Mality

This sounds like it was recorded in a Transylvanian graveyard at midnight.  And so it should be. This is cobweb-coated, moss-caked black metal in the style of the earliest Bathory and Norwegian mainstays, performed with primitive fury and lack of technicality.

Blood Tyrant is a couple of characters named The Wampyric Specter and Baron Yrch Malachi. They obviously want to return to the good old days of stalking the forests at moonlight and recording black metal full of evil feeling. I don’t think their musical ability is above beginner level, but neither was Quorthon’s or Cronos’. There’s a long eerie soundscape buildup full of hoofbeats and moaning winds before the title track blasts into early Norse fury. The riffs are primitive and simple, with macabre keyboard tones adding atmosphere on top. It sounds authentic. “Barbaric Wampyrism” really brings the oldschool Bathory feel….it could be an out-take from “The Return”. “Clandestine Bloodmists” is short and furious and evil.  “Engulfed By Purifying Flame” is so distorted and warped, it doesn’t even sound like human beings are playing it. This is the sort of grim, sloppy and demonic metal that works directly on the most ancient part of the brain, linking us to a past where we sat around a campfire filled with fear of dark spirits. “Inertia Meditation” closes the album with keyboard eeriness.

Fans of the first two Bathory albums and the Finnish band Diaboli can pick up Blood Tyrant with confidence. Sometimes it’s nice to step back into the darkened past…