“Union of Flesh and Machine”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Blood Red Throne is back and it’s about friggin’ time! These guys have always been in the upper echelon of death metal right from their inception, but some of their records are much more powerful than others. “Union of Flesh and Machine” is one of their best ever and it rivals “Altered Genesis” as my favorite.

Whatever you’re looking for in a death metal album, this has got it. Neither modern or old school, this is timeless aggression. Sharp, focused tunes with variety but no mercy, all lasting 4 to 5 minutes.  The riffing is just awesome and at its best when it crunches along at a groovy bone-breaking clip, like it does on the pit-inducing title track. There are times when this sounds like a steel cyclone, like “Revocation of Humankind” or “Exposed Mutation”. Occasionally there’s a dash of melody, but not much. The sound is clean and crisp. The vocals provide gory growls mixed with rasping shrieks. In this aspect, the band can’t equal the past. Their old vocalist Mr. Hustler had one of the sickest, most unique tones in all of death metal. You don’t find guys like him every day.

Hard to express how complete and fulfilling “Union of Flesh and Machine” is for a death metal fan. It is as solid as the Cheops Pyramid and doesn’t miss a trick. Surely one of the best pure DM records of 2016. But will enough people notice?