“Blood’s Thicker Than Love”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Now here is the 70’s inspired hard rock ass kicker of 2018. No better example of jacked up jam rocking will be heard in this year. Blood of the Sun features drummer Henry Vasquez of doom titans Saint Vitus but expect no slow motion misery here. This music was made for hard liquor, loose women and high times…or any mixture thereof.

“Keep The Lemmys Comin’” screams out of the gate in tribute to the old warthog himself and if you could mix Eddie Clarke era Motorhead with the hardest Midwestern 70’s rock ala Black Oak Arkansas or even early REO Speedwagon, you’d have Blood of the Sun. This track sizzles with a fast pace, wailing lead guitar and a cool keyboard sound that holds its own with the axework. Dave Gryder’s keys have a little bit of Deep Purple in them, but also Southern boogie and a bit of REO/Head East feel. We also have some smooth radio ready but soulful vocals from Sean Vargas. To show the opening cut was no accident, “My Time” also pumps out plenty of gritty riffs and hot axe/key dueling.

The songs are medium length and give a lot of time for jamming out hard. “Livin’ For The Night” is a little more atmospheric and smoky, but builds to a big climax while “Air Rises As You Drown” is the masterpiece here….hard and metallic, with an awesome climax of screaming guitar. Killer! “Stained Glass Window” is still hard but has a funky kick to it while last track “Blood of the Road” starts almost like Allman Brothers with honky tonk piano but again works its way up to a big payoff.

This thing just kicks ass from start to finish and sounds so pure and natural. Very few stoner or retro rock bands can touch this kind of quality, so hook up immediately with Blood of the Sun!