"Dark Star on the Right Horn of the Crescent Moon"

By Dr. Abner Mality

It's been five long years since Blood of Kingu released their last album "Sun In The House of Scorpio", which was nothing less than a classic. I had almost forgotten about the Ukrainians...almost, but not quite. I was quite pleased to see them back in action with this new effort with the long-winded title I shall not repeat.

This is one for the fans of black blasting speed. It's even more straightforward and  brutal than "Sun In The House..." and not as nuanced. When Blood of Kingu come back, they come back pissed. But although the 9 cuts here howl like a hot wind through the bowels of Hell, they don't wind up as just explosions of hate and monotony. That's where the genius of this band lies. With songs like "He Who Is Not To Be Named" and "Sigil of the Watcher", one can detect primal melodies within the holocaust....little twists and turns that keep your mind engaged with the music. You might ask if this is more death metal or black metal. It leans more towards the death side with fat guitar tones and low roaring vocals, but there are also chord progressions that smack of the wintry North. I think it takes more than one listen to pick up everything in play here. Further investigations are almost required to start getting all the clever parts buried within the raging furor.

I still prefer "Sun In The House of Scorpio"...that record will probably always be Blood of Kingu's masterpiece...but "Dark Star on the Right Horn..." is no letdown. Open your arms and embrace your doom at the hands of true occult death metal!