"This World Is Dead"

By Dr. Abner Mality

25 songs in a little more than 39 minutes. That right there gives you a clue to how Blockheads play the game of extreme music. It's a clue, alright, but only by submitting to the ungodly beating these mad dog Frenchmen deliver will you truly understand just how hard they GRIND!

Names come to mind while being battered by "The World Is Dead". ..Nasum, Rotten Sound, and of course Napalm Death. In terms of ferocity, this equals anything the above named have done and since that's the high holy trio of grindcore, it would be hard for me to praise this more. I certainly won't scrutinize all 25 songs here, but the album starts with the bloodthirst rage scream "Already Slaves" and proceeds in likewise manner for the first half ot the album. Occasionally catchy metal riffs pop up but they always give way to frenzied hyper-grind. Once the album moves past the track "To The Dogs", I notice a subtle change as most of the tracks seem to show more structure and slow down a bit. Cuts like "Famine" and "Digging Graves" toss some killer chug into the mix and on "Doctrine of Assured Mutual Destruction", the band have created an all-time classic with brilliant riffs that could crack the earth in two.

As you might have gathered, Blockheads do not sing about gore or misogyny or tasteless funny stuff. They are politically angry in the classic grindcore sense. The cover art here is was a couple of days before I noticed the coffin jutting out of the ground. These boys think the end is near and they are PISSED about it. The album ends on a note of crumbling, crushing despair as "Trail of the Dead" is a doom-paced cut that lumbers slowly to the end like a giant mastodon breathing its last.

Grindcore in 2013 has no purer expression than what Blockheads have given us here.