By Dr. Abner Mality

There's not a shred of doubt where Blitzkid's major influence comes from...The Misfits...but these horror-obsessed young ghouls have managed to come up with an album that beats their inspirations at their own game. Original or not, it would be hard for even a hardcore fiend such as myself to deny that "Apparational" is an absolute classic of punky, poppy, perfidious goodness.

If you love the Michale Graves era of the Misifits in particular, you just can't afford to miss this album. Blitzkid has nailed that catchy sound completely and almost all of the 15 songs here are an example of how to write concise, crunchy, poppy music. The songs never overstay their welcome (with the possible excpetion of "Mr. Sardonicus", which dragged a bit) and keep coming at you fast and furious, The sound is clear and crisp, the guitars have a strong crunch and the super smooth harmony vocals with plenty of Misfit-like "whoa-ohs" (but not TOO much) make these songs easier to dig than a freshly buried corpse. Best thing about this album is that the band tries to make each song different and they throw in little surprises now and then to add diversity. Take the perfect use of saxophone on "The Casque of Amontillado" or the very cool and different riffs and melodies of "The Bat Whispers". The direct attack of cuts like "They're All Dead", "She Won't Stop" and "Head Over Hills" works great when paired with these slightly more experimental cuts.

Damn it all, I feel like a sissy for swooning over this stuff instead of my beloved Swedish death metal, but man, "Cedar Bluff" and especially "The Iscariot" are just so totally fucking perfect! It's true, it is poppy, but it's GREAT pop and the horror lyrics are just the icing on the cake. Blitzkid is certainly the band to take the torch from The Misfits and carry on screaming into the 21st century!