"Upon the Throne of...Eternal Blasphemous Death"

By Derelikt Waugh

Normally, I wouldn't go out of my way to review a 7" EP 'cause quite frankly, I find the whole idea to be rather silly. Two or three songs doesn't seem to be enough in order to get a fair representation of what a band is really trying to accomplish with their music.  These were not normal circumstances however, and Blaspherian is no normal death metal band (you can tell that from the wicked looking, old school cover art). I was personally asked by Wes Infernal to review this bad boy, plus, it's got one extra track from a split they did with Italy's In League With Satan (a track that's not featured on the actual EP)! Anyway, are these three tracks enough to get a fair idea of where Blaspherian is coming from? Oh, yeah. It's quite obvious that Blaspherian's music is culled straight from the bowels of Hell. These guys do not fuck around nor waste any time going straight for the jugular.

 This is a total old school death metal attack of completely evil proportions, without the whole "retro-worship" sound that so many bands seem to be readilly embracing nowadays. Blaspherian sounds like...well, Blaspherian, really. They flawlessly alternate from Hellish blasting and explosive riffing, right into crushing, tortured doom without missing a beat, all while every track retains a blackened atmosphere that harkens back to the earliest Bathory records (without the shitty production, of course). In short, these 7" tracks are certainly a good introduction to the punishing sound of Blaspherian, and they are more than enough to leave the death metal hordes howling for the next full-length release. In the meantime, these tracks will have to stave off our hunger for pure evil. Also, DO NOT miss their debut slab of Hellish torment, "Infernal Warriors of Death". It's an absolute modern day metal essential.