"Bastardizing The Purity"

By Dr. Abner Mality

In their own insular world, bands like BLASPHAMAGOATACHRIST take themselves deadly seriously and no doubt see themselves as kamikaze commandos against Christianity. In the world the rest of us inhabit, it's pretty hard not to snicker when you see a band called BLAPHAMAGOATACHRIST with members called "Sabaoth of the Blood Moon Powerlifting Legion" and "Incinerator of Lacerated Angels and Coffin Destruction". These ski-mask wearing spike-festooned and bullet belt laden fiends are something of a war metal supergroup, containing members of BLASPHEMY (arguably the band that started the entire war metal movement), GOATPENIS,, and ANTICHRIST. So there's not much suspense about the kind of music they play. What pleasantly surprised me is actually how good this is.

Keeping in mind this is pure Satanic war metal, BLASPHAMAGOATACHRIST manage to avoid a lot of the pitfalls that make much of that sub-genre unlistenable. For one thing, the drums actually sound like drums, not typewriters or digital racket. There's also a heavy bassy bottom end to this relentless attack that makes it truly heavy, not just a powerless rush that sounds like a vacuum cleaner on overdrive. And that leads to the most surprising bit of all....there are actual medium paced and GROOVY riffs here, like the sleazy grind that opens "Black Nuclear Shadows". Tracks like "Genocide Evocation" and "Fire Demons of Blokula" feature spine-crunching power riffs that alternate with the ultra-fast rushes of blasting war metal. And make no mistake, there's still tons of superfast mayhem here in every cut. It's so much more effective when done with a real drum and bass sound and an eye for actual song construction.

I could have done without some of the instrumental "intros" spaced throughout, but even so, this record is just the right length for the kind of non-stop brutality it is. The Satanic and war themed lyrics I'm sure are over the top to the point of parody, but what else should one expect here? This is one evil war metal album that really strikes true and is way ahead of many of BLASPHAMAGOATACHRIST's brethren. Get those goat-horned gas masks ready!