"We Are Here"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Quite an eccentric unit we have here, with a one-legged barbecue chef and street artist on guitar and vocals, a hotter-than-a-pistol ex Hooter's waitress turned film editor on bass and a chain-smoking captains-hat wearing drummer teaming up to unleash primal sludge. I'm sure the story behind the inception of Blackout has got to be an interesting one!

As for the music, well, it's another raw and doomy sludge record in an avalanche of them. Frankly, it now takes something completely exceptional to really grab my attention in this over-saturated sub-genre. While I wouldn't put Blackout in that realm, if you enjoy sludge as raw as steak tartare, with riffs the size of elephants, "We Are Here" should be up your alley. The one name song titles are woefully old hat, but every one of the six tunes here churns up a filthy brew of Sabbath-meets-Weedeater thunder. Mr. Christian Gordy does have a rather unique vocal approach that adds some spice...weird, anxious sounding yelps with plenty of reverb, often more remniscent of noisy alt-rock than the usual sludge roar and bellow.

Top track is hard to pick, but "Amnesia" is the aural equivalent of being locked in a cement mixer and taken for a spin. "Columbus" just sounds diseased, and also a bit more uptempo and aggressive. Blackout are no funeral doom purveyors, they do keep a feeling of pace and momentum going.

Blackout is here, indeed, but with the unending onslaught of angry music burying everyone in sight, will they manage to stand out?