“And The Beast Spake Death From Above”

By Dr. Abner Mality

If you drop an atom bomb into the stinking latrines of Hell, you’ll have a sound like Canada’s Black Sorcery. Insanely blasting war/chaos metal along the lines of Blasphemy, Revenge and Black Witchery is what you have here. The band makes no secret of where they’re coming from, so nobody can say they got something different than what was promised.

There is a catharsis in being blown apart by the elemental fury of these tracks. The one drawback that makes this not work for me are the monotonous mush-mouthed grumbles of Lord Whatchamadingy. That’s not his real name but close enough. This is more like the vomiting pig type of vocals you get with ultra-brutal death metal and it gets old pretty fast. If you can ignore that racket (and I can’t), the songs actually feature discrete riffs and even some occasional drops in speed (“Circling the Drain”) that make things bearable. But Ol’ Mush Mouth is always there to bring things down a notch.

This is for the Kultest of he Kult. If you seek total Armageddon, you’ll find it here. All others, stay away!