By Moon Beast

Black Shape of Nexus' album "Carrier" starts off with "I Can't Play It", which begins with a crushingly heavy guitar that is very interesting with some gritty, sludgy influence to some extent. The vocals are not bad, unless you aren't a fan of death metal. They sound unique in a way that I cannot describe. After this we have a
relaxing slow guitar riff, which continues into a nicely done solo. This song continues with more slow sludgy riffing again. It is slow and articulate. The drums are
well done as well with great precision and ease, and it also has unique qualities as well, as far as the style. It is extremely hypnotic and has a nicely eerie ending.

The next track is titled "Lift Yourself", which starts us off with a nice and evil intro. The mechanical noises used in this are not annoying, they have a point. It is almost industrial in nature but also sounds very intentional and ambient. The chimey sounds are very nice and hold nicely in the background. Now we have a good fucking
riff, and more sludgy vocals which sound even better than the last song. I like the vocal and transitional changes from the first song and the next. 

"Sand Mountain" has a good stoner feel, which reminds me of various good things within the subgenre. Fucking heavy guitars, and the bass is very good
and only adds to the crushing riff. This is a killer song. The vocals are varied and remind me of good bands such as Buzzoven. This song has a cool feel that is not boring,
and overall perfectly done. The song bleeds out into another interesting and creepy outro. 

The fourth track, titled "Facepunch Transport Layer" starts us off with a cool, almost rockabilly riff, which slowly gets heavy as hell. The tone of these guitars are also
worth mentioning at this point. Long story short: excellent! Eventually some cool and ghostly voices bleed into the mix, which continues to get heavier and heavier in tone. At
around 2:41 we have major crushing explosive guitars, which slow down again in tonality and heaviness again. The voices add a nice touch until the vocals kick in full force.This is a very inticate and well done song. Again we have some great doomy riffs. This slows down eventually for some more cool vocal stuff. Eventually the vocals teeter off and we are left with the music, which turns into a police siren... 

"Sachsenheim" is another good song, with a very intentional path from the beginning, which rides into more heavy riffs, almost Acid Bath-like. These guys sound like they
have good taste in music, to be brutally honest. Heavy, heavy, heavy! One cannot stress enough that these guys have a unique style and that style is like a sledgehammer.The song continues into another hypnotic riff which also holds footing with some very good vocals. This is one of the best tracks on the album. 

The final track is a Hellhammer cover, namely "Triumph of Death", which is fucking amazing. All musicians are spot on. The bottom line about Black Shape of Nexus is that
they are not messing around here. If you don't hear it, I pity you! This album is very good, and has all the elements of a good doom band, and they have their own style and  sound. Highly recommended.