"Hail Death"

By Theron Moore

I'm not a big black metal fan... the image, the sound, it tends to run together for me which is why at best I'm split on Black Anvil's "Hail Death."  The first three songs lost me but 4-10 were good. 

The first few tracks did what I mentioned before, they bled into one another with the musical repetition, the required double bass and evil vocals but something changed and as soon as track four hit, "Seven Stars Unseen," the band started to rock with a nice heavy vibe. 

Lots of good musical changeups from the staid blast beats into well thought out metal territory that at times reminded me of 80's Metallica and Slayer diving head first into some heavy, moshy thrash that I didn't expect to hear outside of the usual face paint stale black metal that hurts this scene more than anything else.

Black Anvil's "Hail Death" is black metal, it's thrash, it might not be for everyone especially the purists that wanna hear straight ahead church burning music but it's also the very thing that keeps "Hail Death" interesting.