“You Are Not the Ocean, You Are the Patient”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Looks like they’ve finally found a way to take the “B.C.” addendum off their name. The Canadian beard metal monsters are back in action with a very strangely named new effort and also a surprising new guitarist: Shane Clark, formerly of the sadly missed 3 Inches of Blood.

Clark adds a dose of rusty metallic punch to the Bison sound right away. The guitar sound on “YANTOYATP” (please don’t ask me to write out the whole title again!) is super metallic and kind of “scrap metal” sounding…listen to the thunderous opening chords of “Until the Earth Is Empty” to see what I mean. This may be Bison’s overall heaviest album and that’s saying something. “Anti War” blasts out of the pens like a bull that just got its balls shocked, “Drunkard” has a ton of choppy thrash riffing played with sludge grimness and “Kenopsia” is an instrumental with some real monumental sound.

Last cut “The Water Becomes Fire” is lethargic and dull and finishes things on a sour note, but this is a tidal wave of sludgy goodness from these long-running hairy headcrushers.