“Songs of Darkness and Despair”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Pull up that old rockin’ chair, bucko, and get ready for some twisted tales from the heart of Dixie. Our unwashed troubadors  are Bill Moseley, who has slit many a throat on the silver screen in productions like “The Devil’s Rejects” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre II”, and Phil Anselmo, scruffy and controversial metalhead with an insatiable thirst for underground music. These two hombres are uniquely suited to play together and have come up with an EP that more than lives up to its title.

Surprisingly, we don’t hear any of Phil’s gravelly tones. The vocals are all done by Bill and Phil’s role is purely instrumental. The EP gets off to one roaring start with “Dirty Eye”. Wow, does this song jam! A perfect example of Southern-fried metallic rock with a slinky beat and catchy vocal lines. Mr. Moseley has a clear, strident voice that’s easy to understand. This song is damn near perfect, but it’s also the best on show. “Corpus Crispy” slithers along like a rattlesnake as Bill sings some surreal and macabre lyrics. This is drenched in Bayou blues and another winner. “Catastrophic” sees Bill go off on a foul mouthed rant against everything while crunching Southern doom lumbers in the background.

“Widder Woman” is 30 seconds of harmless silliness before “Tonight’s The Night We Die” unspools a stark acoustic ballad with skeletal blues guitar added. The EP ends with the heavier “Bad Donut” which comes across kind of average. The EP really makes its mark with the first two songs and never regains that momentum again, but it winds up as a real interesting diversion for Mr. Phil and carves out some new territory for Mr. Bill.