"Hotter Than Hell"

By Dr. Abner Mality

This is the album I wish AC/DC would have released instead of "Black Ice". I knew the Aussie boys were in trouble when they partnered up with Wal-Mart...yeah, real rock n' roll rebels! I remember when AC/DC was considered a dangerous, filthy band...not a cuddly commercial product. Apparently, Germany's Big Ball is so much in love with AC/DC's classic period that they decided to clone it as much as possible.

The result is "Hotter Than Hell" and despite having less originality than Howie Mandel has hair, this mother rocks like crazy! They hit that "Powerage/Highway to Hell" AC/DC groove EXACTLY and it sounds raw, sweaty and jacked up. The vocals try for that Brian Johnson gravelly rasp and are close enough (but not perfect) to work. The tunes are full of foul-mouthed vulgarity and bad puns...this is not a PG-rated AC/DC, this is an act you wouldn't want to take home to mother! It is SO derivative of the Aussies but that's the point! Face it, when's the last time you heard Angus & Co. unleash tracks with as much grimy energy as "Double Demon", "Shooter", "Plugged In" and the all-time dirty-minded trash epic, "Porna Lisa"? These are real anthems!

They maintain that raw energy throughout "Hotter Than Hell" and never apologize for what they do. A guilty pleasure? Damn straight, and a real rock'n'roll party!