“Accept Your Fate”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Chicago metal has always had a different, more intense feel to it. From the days of ZOETROPE and TROUBLE to CIANIDE and USURPER, there’s been a gritty power to Windy City steel. Well, now you can add the name of BEYOND DETH to the list of Chi-town greats. “Accept Your Fate” has blown the toup right off my head and knocked my teeth down my throat.

Damn, this record is KILLER! A seamless combination of death and thrash metal with a superb production and riffs that last to the end of the universe. I almost don’t know what song to point to first. “Open the Gates/Live Again” is a great introduction to BEYOND DETH but on “Infernal Dreams”, they really show their strength. Awesome hooks and great technical songwriting make for a massive tune. The vocals are a kind of inhaled death growl yet every single word is clear and understandable. You don’t run across that too often…

The record goes from strength to strength and never lets up. “Macabre Delights” has a hint of black metal to it and “Astral Invasion” could correctly be called melodic tech-death. But if I had to pick a winner, I’d make it “Kill the Weak”. Not only is this a heads-down death thrasher, but it’s very thoughtful in both structure and lyrics.
BEYOND DETH has been around more than a few years, but until “Accept Your Fate”, I never knew exactly what I was dealing with. Chicago has got a new major contender here…