By El Chief

Beyond Creation is back and (almost) better than ever. The loss of bassist Dominic "Forest" LaPointe is felt throughout the record, as no song ever comes close to approaching what it could have been with him. But, that's like saying no burger from a fast food joint could ever match the beef served up in a Michelin five-star restaurant. Even with that said, the addition of Hugo Doyun-Karout is stellar enough to keep Beyond Creation at the top of the progressive death metal scene.

How good are the Canadian metalers? So good that even the intro song to "Algorhythm" is epic as fuck. By now you know that I despise all those atmospheric wastes of time that extreme metal acts think are de rigueur, but "Disenthrall" is the exception to the rule. Place it in any action film, or any first-person shooter, and your heart will likely burst right out of your chest. It's a fitting build-up for the awesomeness to follow over the course of one hour, three minutes.

Standout tracks include "Entre Suffrage Et Mirage," "Surface's Echoes," "Etheral Kingdom," and…every other freaking song on this long-play. Just hit play and strap in tight. Beyond Creation is the fiercest mother fucking hurricane to ever reach our shores.

For about a month now I figured Behemoth had delivered the album of 2018. But this entry from Beyond Creation proves that as great as "I Loved You at Your Darkest" is (and it's utterly phenomenal), nothing in it comes close to the heights achieved in "Algorhythm."