"The Aura"

 by Thor

Canada’s Beyond Creation is the latest band to summon the spirit of the late, great Chuck Schuldiner churning out progressive death metal like music’s version of the Avengers, each member endowed with a unique super power of musical virtuosity.  Rest assured though, these guys are absolutely the real deal.

The Aura, their debut album from 2011 has been reissued by Season of Mist and it’s an incredible blend of brutality, melody, and technical proficiency along the lines of bands like Necrophagist and of course Death.  While the album contains the requisite death metal tropes such as blast beats and guttural vocals, it’s mostly mid-tempo and restrained enough to allow the brilliant musicianship on display the room to be coherent.  That’s where these guys have an advantage over their tech-death and prog-death peers.

Many of the songs on The Aura recall the epic grandiosity of some of the best thrash from the ‘80s complete with orchestral dynamics resulting from brilliant and eerie acoustic passages and guitar solos that span a multitude of flavors, textures, and tempos.  When the album isn’t heavy, it’s spooky, and when it’s melodic, it’s still complex. 

From the production to the composition, The Aura from Beyond Creation is absolutely top notch.  Individually, these guys inspire and collectively they’re awe-inspiring.  Although, aspiring bass players should proceed with caution!  This album may make you want to give up as Dominic Lapointe’s low-end contributions are arguably the most ambitious I’ve heard in metal.

Fans of Death, Necrophagist, Decepit Birth and the like, DO NOT miss this one.