“Law of The Burning”

By Dr Abner Mality

Bestialord’s PR sheet drops a ton of band names that really don’t sound a bit like their music. Candlemass? Mercyful Fate? Not a shred of them here. Pretty crass, in my view.

However, the band is working “death/doom” territory and that always gets my notice. This is not the totally cavernous filthy sound of Incantation, but something with more of a “stalking” feel. The guitar sound is cleaner and not as murky sounding. The slower songs of Morbid Angel come to mind, but the band that Bestialord really reminds me of is that old Florida death metal chestnut Resurrection. Any fans of that great cult outfit should enjoy what they hear here. 

The style here takes a while to work its way into your brain, but it does grow on you, once you get used to the sound.  There’s no one standout tune and the quality is pretty uniform throughout. Last song “What Is The End?” gets the award for doomiest tune but if I had to pick a fave, it would be “I Am Pain”, which is really sinister sounding. As you might well guess, horror and the occult play a big part in Bestialord’s theme so if you dig that, it’s a plus.

Not really a blowaway release, but something that gradually creeps up on you.