“Master Satan’s Witchery”

By Dr. Abner Mality

This sounds like 10,000 atom bombs dropping on your head. “Bestial” is indeed the appropriate word for this militaristic mob of Polish insurgents. The term “war metal” is thrown around with sloppy abandon, but this is as close to the essence of that terms as you’re liable to get. I was fortunate enough to see them live at the Live Wire in Chicago a few years back and I thought somebody had lobbed a grenade into the club when they started playing.

Much of this ultra-violent metal is quite boring (see Revenge) but there’s something about Bestial Raids that keeps you glued to them in fascinated horror. First, they create a very down tuned and bassy sound that vibrates the marrow of your bones. The guitar literally GROWLS.Those super thick tones are often applied to some surprisingly catchy riffs. I hesitate to use the word “groove” in reference to “Master Satan’s Witchery” but a lot of the less insane moments here qualify. It brings an appropriate doominess to the affair, most clearly seen during “Angel In the Abyss”. Drum sound is expectedly shitty but that’s par for the course and at least the guy’s atomic blast beats sound real and not digital. Vocals are what you’d expect.

The thunderous apocalyptic sound of “Elder Devilry” and “Kingdom Below” make my bowels boil…in a good way, I hasten to add. This is just utterly authentic and obscene sonic devastation…grab your gas mask and prepare for the kill!