By Dr. Abner Mality

Hailing from just up the road in Madison, WI, Bereft seem like some pretty miserable motherfuckers. On “Lands” they dish up four heaping helpings of funeral doom dirgery spiced with negative black metal and post-metal gloom. While doom and sludge in general has been growing in popularity, there hasn’t been that much of the funeral variety lately.

You get it here in spades. “We Wept” sets the scene pretty well with dreary minor key gloom in a post-metal way before thunderous slow riffage and abyssic roars appear. A false note appears when clean melodic vocals come in…those just reduce the intensity of the rest of the music. But one can’t deny that Bereft are HEAVY with a capital H. “The Ritual” injects a dose of raw, fast black metal into the stew but the overriding flavor is still punishing doom. “In Filth” is another dose of good cheer living up to its name and trudging through the mud like an ironclad elephant. As you might expect, the album ends with the longest, most depressing ode of all, “Waning Light”, which is funeral doom at its most pure. As most such songs tend to do, this one overstays its welcome.

Fans of thick, miserable doom like a fog of asphyxiating gas have a new band to worship!