“Obscene Repressed”

 by Thor

French provocateurs of brutal deathgrind BENIGHTED return with “Obscene Repressed,” a 12-song full-length and their first output in a couple years.

The thing that typifies BENIGHTED is that these guys can play their asses off.  Their current drummer Kévin Paradis is one of the very best in the business.  Having said that, though, he’s in like 73 other bands.  Some of his bandmates are in similar situations.  While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s clear that the way these guys create music together is, well, not together at all, but rather remotely which more often than not leads to songs/albums feeling a little scattershot.  And that’s the vibe that “Obscene Repressed” smashes me over the head with. In short, it feels unfinished.

Stylistically, BENIGHTED throw down an abrasive sound, wherein precision blast beats lead the way, tying together tremolo-picked guitar chaos and the intense vacillation between guttural and hardcore vocals.  Ostensibly, this is exactly the type of thing that normally tickles my decrepit, blackened fancy, but here it’s just so many ingredients waiting to be composed into a meal.  

BENIGHTED’s “Obscene Repressed” is full of excellent passages, killer riffs, and powerful transitions, and yet there’s nary a memorable, cohesive song to be found.  To be fair, it’s disappointing in the most impressive way possible.  And that’s laudable, I suppose.