"Architects of the Void"

By Dr. Abner Mality

A band called Behold! The Monolith and an album named "Architects of the Void" leads me to believe I will be dealing with a sludgy doom album...or maybe even a doomy sludge album. I was not disappointed in that regard. Behold! The Monolith don't offer much in the ways of surprises or originality, but they do well enough to make "Architects of the Void" worth a listen for the fans of sludge and doom.

One thing BTM does pretty well is take bits and pieces from all across the spectrum. "Umbral Vale" is super thick and monolithic doom in the vein of Conan, "Philosopher's Blade" has more of a stoner rock swing before a thrash metal burst kicks in, "The Mithridist" is trippy and rather unfocused with some gloomy mellow moments and "Lord of Bones" brings the Sabbath worship on with a vengeance. This kind of variety keeps things rolling, even though each song is very much derivative of other bands in that particular style.

Not sure what "Between Oder and the Vistula" refers to, but that tracks delivers a kind of Celtic Frost meets High On Fire battering ram which is always welcome. And of course no modern doom album would be complete without the 10 minute plus epic, which would be the title track. This runs from extreme slow dragging dissonance to an almost post-metal feel to a pacier build up and a final crumbling to dust. 

This is not the ultimate in doom but it's more than serviceable and if you're a doom head with relatively varied tastes, I can recommend it to you.