"Evangelia Heretika" DVD

By Thrash-head

Behemoth is a true example of how stupid I can be. I remember reviewing "Satanica" once and while being moderately impressed, that recording's engineering left a bad taste in my mouth and made me foolishly regard the band as sloppy in their craft.

In recent years I have rediscovered the band as I've found their evil death metal stylings (because let's be honest here, it definitely leans more towards that than the black metal they unleashed on their earliest few releases) to be the ultimate embodiment of everything I love in brutal and extreme music. They are amazing in their musical ability, but not in the pursuit of making their music "tech-" but rather it seems just in the purpose of whatever they feel like composing, it is always within their capabilities. Nergal fucking IS walking brutality. His growls are throaty lion roars rather than over-the-top gutteral and it suits his riffing wizardly down to a T. Even his guitar solos are something to behold as they are a direct invocation of one Trey Azagthoth, complete with plenty of atmosphere and airiness to his solos, only to be overshadowed when he unleashes of flurry of notes to let us know that he DOES really have the chops to match his bombast. Orion is an all-out bass god to watch him on these DVDs. He holds down the low-end and puts on the ultimate metal show on his own, and the rest of the band really follows his lead in terms of stage presence. Live guitarist Seth is a truly capable guitarist and vocalist in his own right and he really augments what Behemoth does even if only to add more weight to everything. In that respect, he totally and utterly succeeds. As for, what a drummer! There is no better word in the entire language to describe Inferno's drumming than RELENTLESS! It's just a non-stop barrage but with the occasional dynamics and phrasing on the ride and cymbals that you just don't expect in the most brutal of music. To watch him on the documentary portion on the second disc doing warm-up exercises is interesting as hell because it seems like he plays with such a LIGHT touch for a death metal drummer. It's funny, he has a finesse to him but still retains the power.

The live shows on disc one are definitely where it's at on this DVD. The shows are tight, well-mixed, albeit you can tell there's some overdubs in there for sure, but still very well-mixed all the same. The drum solos are amazing, and the shows are just always awash in red or blue light reflecting off their mic stands and costumes. The only thing I don't like about their live shows are the mic stands, truthfully. Speaking as a musician, one of the reasons I would run to the front is to see what the guitar players are doing...and those monstrosities they call mic stands make it nearly impossible to really watch what they do (thank...somebody...for great camera angles on this DVD). The documentaries...are not pointless, but one does watch them with a certain "Meh, couldn't care much less" attitude. I mean they are kinda interesting, but a documentary more in the style of recent metal DVDs I've seen would have been more preferable. Recent DVDs from other Metal Blade artists have documented a band's history; I like seeing a band talk about how they got their start and went through various members and arrived at their current lineup and how they've made decisions that have effected the outcome of the bands career and brought them to this point. I am genuinely fascinated by stuff like this and there was a huge lacking of this. The second documentary is more on the road, interviews, going through airports, being on Rockstar Mayhem, and the like. Also, we gotta love the music videos, of which ALL from 1999-present are contained here, which is super cool.

The second DVD is not necessary so much as the first DVD (but it is still fairly cool), and the live CD that is also contained is a great listen in the car. All in all, I'd call this one of the top echelon of metal DVDs that I own.

-Thrash-head. METAL IS LIFE!!!